WWE has booked several big matches in WrestleMania history, and many fans will never forget Batista demanding that Triple H “give me what I want,” and that was a match at Mania. It seems that was not the original plan.

Vince McMahon has changed up plans in the past due to fan reactions. Sometimes, fans might not even know that an audible was called, and that is the goal as booking sometimes takes an organic turn.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Triple H and Batista’s WrestleMania match wasn’t event supposed to be at the show of shows. They were supposed to have the match, that ended up being Batista’s last, on a free episode of WWE RAW a few weeks out.

I’m sure you know that Triple H and Batista thing that built toward that great WrestleMania number, that was supposed to be a TV match a couple of weeks later. That’s what it was set up for. It wasn’t that it hit so big that they changed it, it was that Triple H had so much power that he was able to get it changed, because he smelled the big WrestleMania number, but he knew if they blew it off and put it on TV in a couple of weeks that they couldn’t put it on WrestleMania.


Sometimes the best decisions come when people decide that plans need to be changed. Only time will tell if Batista ever wrestles again, and it’s not seemingly likely. So, it’s a good thing that he was able to close out his legendary career at WrestleMania as he stood in the ring with his old friend.

This is also a good example of how it is very nice to have friends in power. If not for Triple H, that match with Batista would have probably been seen on WWE RAW and forgotten about after that.

What’s your take on Batista and Triple H’s WrestleMania match? Are you glad they didn’t waste it on WWE RAW? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you’re thinking!

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