AEW’s Eddie Kingston opened up about a time when he thought his wrestling career was over in a recent interview with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Reflecting on his journey, Kingston revealed that he felt a sense of uncertainty and believed his time in the industry had come to an end just before the pandemic hit.

Kingston, who made his debut in AEW in July 2020, has had a diverse career working around the world. However, the impact of the pandemic made him question his future in wrestling. He shared his initial thoughts, stating, “When the pandemic hit, I thought ‘OK, that’s it, my career’s over.’ I’m… I’m not supposed to be here (in Japan).”

Despite his doubts, Kingston has persevered and embraced the opportunities that have come his way. He expressed his gratitude for being able to live out his childhood dream of wrestling in Japan. With tears in his eyes, Kingston acknowledged the mistakes he has made in life and recognized that he never thought he would reach this point in his career. He now aims to make the most of his time in Japan and do justice to the fans, New Japan, and the wrestling legends he has admired.

“I’ll get emotional saying this, but I’ve dreamed of this since I was 13 years old. (teary eyed) I’ve made a lot of mistakes. In life, not just in wrestling, and I never thought I’d be here.


“To be here now seems very surreal, so I just want to do good for the Japanese fans, for New Japan, and for the people I looked up to, for Hashimoto, Chono, Muto, Baba, Inoki, the Four Pillars and on and on. Jun Akiyama as well- I’ve been able to wrestle and team with him, and he gave me so much confidence.”

Kingston didn’t give up when faced with uncertainty and continues to pursue his passion for wrestling. The strong style mentality, characterized by perseverance and moving forward despite challenges, resonates deeply with Kingston. He believes in never giving in and doing what he believes is right, both personally and professionally.

“Strong Style to me means never giving in. Moving forward no matter what is going on in your life, professionally or personally. You keep going and do what you believe is right.”

Since his NJPW debut in November 2021, Kingston has had numerous high-profile matches, including a significant victory over Jay White in a Loser Leaves NJPW match. In February 2023, he defeated Kenta to become the Strong Openweight Champion, further solidifying his presence in the promotion.

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