A resurfaced video featuring Solo Sikoa, known for his association with the Bloodline faction led by Roman Reigns, is making waves on social media and bringing some laughter to fans’ day. The humorous clip showcases Sikoa in an unexpected setting – the kitchen – as he diligently keeps it clean while grooving to Flo-Rida’s hit song, “My House.”

Solo Sikoa is typically portrayed as a serious character in WWE, but this video offers a lighthearted glimpse of his personality outside the ring. The footage, originally shared on the video-sharing platform Triller, highlights Sikoa’s entertaining side and reveals his knack for choreographed cleaning routines.

While Roman Reigns may be facing challenges at his Tribal Chief’s table, Sikoa proves to be the one ensuring it remains tidy and spotless. Solo’s intense on-screen persona and his playful antics in the kitchen adds an element of surprise and amusement for viewers.

Whether it’s through his in-ring performances or unexpected kitchen cleaning skills, Solo Sikoa continues to capture the attention and admiration of wrestling fans. This resurfaced video showcases his versatility and ability to entertain both inside and outside the squared circle.


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Steve Carrier

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