WWE RAW was a dramatic showing on television this week, but things were also a bit heated backstage. Now we have even more information about what went on with the drama at RAW.

We previously reported that there was backstage argument during RAW this week. Things did not get physical at all, and everything seems to be okay now.

The encounter showcased The Judgment Day taking on Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Seth Rollins. Sources have highlighted a disagreement arising from the execution of certain moves in the match, with some describing them as “clunky.”

Two sources attributed the issues to last-minute alterations made to various aspects of the match, which they believed disrupted the overall flow and coordination. However, one source opted not to disclose the identity of the talent involved in order to prevent online controversies from arising.


PW Insider went on to report that the whole situation can be chalked up to a difference of opinion.

A WWE source who contacted PWInsider.com shortly after we broke the news of the Raw argument that took place following the main event stated it was simply a “difference of opinion” that ended up exacerbated by last minute changes made to the main event plans. 

The same source stated that almost to the second ring entrances were happening, there was a re-working of plans and when things didn’t go smoothly in the ring, it exacerbated the issues.  They felt that the changes may have led to the domino effect of things not being “as smooth as it would have been otherwise” inside the ring.

The source we spoke to was absolutely playing down the significance of the argument, stating their belief was this wasn’t going to be an issue that continued to cause strife. 

It was also noted that a source said that, “with the company’s business on fire, everyone is especially ‘sensitive’ to making sure that they do their part to keep it going and that’s going to lead to the butting of heads over the right cause of action for a segment/match, especially with some many hot acts at the same time.”

We will have to see how things pan out in this situation. It seems that things got a bit heated during RAW, but everyone was able to keep their heads on straight.

WWE is full of competitive individuals, all trying their best to make sure that they remain at the peak performance. Sometimes, this causes things to get a bit confrontational, butt there was no brawl at RAW.

Drama is synonymous with pro wrestling, but what’s the best story to come out in recent memory? Sound off in the comments!

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