An argument apparently broke out backstage following Monday Night RAW involving members of the six-man tag team main event.

The match featured The Judgment Day facing off against Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Seth Rollins. The disagreement centered around the execution of certain spots during the match, which were described as “clunky” by some sources.

According to PWInsider, two sources placed the blame on last-minute changes to aspects of the match, which they believed affected the flow and coordination. However, one source refrained from naming a specific talent involved to avoid sparking controversy online.

The argument reportedly started after Finn Balor pinned Sami Zayn, and tensions arose from the frustration over the match’s outcome. It is important to note that the disagreement did not escalate into a physical altercation.


The situation eventually settled down, but many individuals involved were dissatisfied with how things unfolded. It was considered one of those nights where things didn’t come together as planned, leading to heightened emotions due to the passion and dedication of those involved in their job and performances.

What are your thoughts on the reported backstage argument following Monday Night RAW’s main event? Do you think last-minute changes to the match affected the execution, or do you believe there were other factors at play? Leave a comment below.

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