Ryback is dealing with terrible situation with a stalker named Chase. This situation escalated on several of The Big Guy’s live streams, and now Ryback is taking things to another level.

The FBI told Ryback at first that they would be able to track Chase the Stalker down by using his accounts on Twitter. Then, Twitter refused to release the records, and since Chase used a VPN, the FBI couldn’t do anything.

Chase continued to call in on Ryback’s live stream, threatening the life of Ryback’s mother, Dolph Ziggler, and even Curtis Axel in the process. Needless to say, this situation isn’t pretty.

Ryback took things to another level recently as he totally doxxed his stalker. After revealing all of Chase’s personal information, Ryback made his message quite clear.


We have all of the information on Brandon Chase Salehinasab. We are waiting on @twitter to finalize things with the @fbi. I have known who he was since early last week, as I have kept the majority of my cell phones over the years and him recounting how we met on my

@TheRybackShow triggered my memory on my old cell phone in Tampa. It’s been a week since you’ve been subpoenaed, please give them the rest of what they need asap. He is being tracked and followed in the meantime until the

@fbi can make the arrest and proceed. This individual is highly dangerous and mentally unstable with a criminal background. He currently resides in Alabama and is 33 years old. We will do everything we can to keep him locked away as long as possible and hope he gets the help he desperately needs.

The @fbi was alright with me sharing this public info as well and I personally apologize for everyone who had to endure the multiple hours of this guy on my show. @BhamPolice thank you Tomorrow will be a very good day.

WWE Superstars have a lot of fans, and even former talent keep their die-hard supporters. Sadly, one of them seems to have taken a terrible turn for Ryback. This is not good situation, and we’re hoping for a peaceful resolution.

For more on this story, and many more in the pro wrestling world, stay tuned with us here at Ringside News.

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