Ryback is dealing with a terrible stalker issue, and it’s not going away. Now, it appears that his stalker, a crazed fan named Chase, is going to get away with this.

During a recent live stream, Ryback opened up with fans a bit more about this stalker issue. After all, Chase threatened Dolph Ziggler’s life, as well as Curtis Axel.

While the FBI promised Ryback that they will be able to track down his stalker, this is still an issue that hasn’t been solved even now. It seems that the FBI are not going to be able to track down Chase.

I don’t know how in 2023, we don’t have the technology. This stupid motherf*cker has somehow figured out a way to not be tracked, when they do this for a living for all this bullsh*t. Somehow, he has found a way, so far, because I’m not giving up, but I don’t know what can be done, and Twitter is not being the most … they’re not lending the help that they can.


Ryback’s stalker is going over the line, and he’s also making no secret that he has bad intentions. Sadly, his Twitter accounts couldn’t be tracked, despite the fact that he apparently uses several burners. It seems Twitter didn’t want to help them by releasing the information.

Keep checking back with Ringside News for more on this story, and many more just like it. Only time will tell how this story ends, but we are hoping for the best resolution.

Ryback doesn’t seem too worried about this stalker situation, despite the apparent risk. Would you be worried about this situation? Sound off in the comments!

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