Money in the Bank went down in London’s O2 Arena. Fans packed the arena for the event, and they didn’t expect John Cena at all. In the end, they got him anyway.

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After Cody Rhodes beat Dominik Mysterio, John Cena’s music broke out, shocking fans in the O2 Arena. The 16x World Champion came out to a huge ovation as fans were stunned to see him.

John Cena took the microphone, and he admitted his own surprise that he didn’t hear “Cena sucks” chants. Then he cut a promo about how Money in the Bank is the first UK pay-per-view in a long time. That brought a huge question, “what the hell took so long?”


John Cena said that “decision makers” don’t know how to feel about London, because it can be a “hostile environment,” and even a distraction. Then he made a comment about how UK fans like to “take over the show,” and that got a big pop. Then Cena said that UK fans aren’t trying to take over the show because, “you are the show.”

Finally, John Cena addressed why he was at Money in the Bank in the first place. Cena said that he was there for the UK fans, because they care so much. He said that there is no more exciting audience than the UK fans. “So, I’m here to try to bring WrestleMania to London.”

Of course, the idea of WrestleMania coming to London blew the roof off the O2 Arena. After Cena admitted that he “struck a nerve,” he said that he’s back, not for one more match, but he wants to give London a WrestleMania event. After that, Grayson Waller came out to receive a tremendous heel reaction. The segment ended with Waller taking an Attitude Adjustment after he proclaimed that WrestleMania should go to Australia instead.

We will have to see if London gets a WrestleMania event. Mania 41 is already booked for Philly. If anything, they might be able to book the event in 2025 or 2026 at this point.

What’s your take on John Cena making his surprise return to WWE? Sound off in the comments!

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