WWE Superstars can rake in a nice payday with the company, but it seems that they aren’t getting an amazing cut on their merchandise. Ryback recently brought up this subject, and he had a lot to say with quite a bombshell of an announcement.

Ryback left WWE years ago, and he hasn’t really looked back, except to sue his former employer for the rights to his own name. He’s still trying to get his body back in peak condition, and make his way back to the ring, but that hasn’t happened yet.

During a recent live stream, Ryback had a lot to say about WWE. He also revealed the incredibly low percentage that WWE Superstars actually get from a $20 autograph photo.

When I was used in a top position and I saw what we were being paid for things, I asked why are ‘we’ being paid like this as wrestlers overall, and they hated it.


I remember on the signed pictures, Randy Orton, who I love, Randy hated doing the signed photos — they make these photos and you have to sign thousands of them, then I found out that they were selling for 20 dollars, paying cents, and they were paying us 70 cents for a 20 dollar photo.

Ryback is also dealing with a crazed stalker named Chase, who keeps doing all he can to make his presence felt. Chase threatened Dolph Ziggler’s life, as well as Curtis Axel. Now, it appears that the FBI won’t even be able to help out.

Ryback might miss performing for WWE fans, but it doesn’t appear that he’s a big fan of the company’s practices. Obviously, he has a lot to say about things, especially since he seems that the door is closed for his return to the company.

WWE and Ryback have gone around in a legal battle for years, but would you like to see him make a return? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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