Bryan Danielson entered AEW with a ton of momentum behind him, as many were so used to him in WWE. The former leader of the Yes Movement’s popularity in AEW might have dwindled slightly, but it seems that a certain business practice might not be helping him within the pro wrestling business.

During the media scrum after Forbidden Door, Bryan Danielson revealed that he broke his arm during that match. That injury actually caused them to call an audible and pick different ending. His wife, Brie Bella, later revealed that his break is much worse than they thought at first.

To top off the bad news train for Bryan Danielson, Brad Shepard dropped a scathing tweet about the former WWE World Champion. It seems that Bryan Danielson’s recent appearances have been very pricey, and event organizers have struggled to break even due to his dwindling popularity. It seems that these practices are damaging his name, whoever is behind his business dealings.

Bryan Danielson’s recent injury aligns with discussions behind the scenes which I’m privy to that he’s doing business in a manner that isn’t typical of him.


He’s been charging unreasonable prices for photos and autographs at events, resulting in missing projected drawing figures, and putting a strain on events that brought him in with the hope of at least making back his expensive booking fee.

Bryan is represented by people who fail to understand this is damaging his value in the market, based on the opinion of those in the field.

Adding to that, being injured again isn’t good for someone who already isn’t drawing well.

It’s fair to question if the WWE magic has worn off on Bryan. Is he overestimating his value in 2023 or getting bad advice? Maybe it’s something else.

AEW stars charge a lot for appearance fees, which is one of the reasons why some were so upset about Collision taking up Saturdays on their schedules. A lot of stars make good money doing convention appearances on the weekends, and Bryan Danielson’s payday is quite large for those functions.

We will have to wait for Bryan Danielson’s return to AEW. He has a ton of momentum after beating Kazuchika Okada at Forbidden Door, but he will need to wait a while before a return to action is possible. Hopefully, he will be able to spend some time during that hiatus making money at appearances.

Bryan Danielson charges a lot for appearances, how much is too much to meet someone? Sound off in the comments!

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