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SmackDown tonight will feature a special celebration segment for Roman Reigns’ historic title reign reaching the 1,000 day milestone.

Also scheduled for tonight is a pair of Money in the Bank Ladder match qualifying matches, one from the men’s and women’s matches respectively:


LA Knight vs Montez Ford

Zelina Vega vs Lacey Evans

It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.

SmackDown kicks off with Wade Barrett and Michael Cole introducing a video package that celebrates the history of Roman Reigns’ title reign, showcasing various victories and milestones throughout the historic title reign.

After the video we cut to United States Champion Austin Theory in the ring….then we cut to another video that showcases Reigns’ victory over Edge and Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 37.

Then we get commentary promoting the upcoming Money in the Bank qualifying matches and then we finally cut back to Theory. Theory says that Reigns’ title reign is inspiring, but not as inspiring as being the guy who beat John Cena at WrestleMania, and that he will have a 1,000 day celebration, and a 2,000 day celebration and so on, and that if they keep giving him opponents like Sheamus, he will be champion forever.

Theory then introduces his tag team partners for the upcoming match, Pretty Deadly, who then make their way out to the ring. Elton Prince says they want to show their appreciation for their United States Champion and were happy to take out the Brawling Brutes for him last week. The Brawling Brutes then make their way out for our opening match

Austin Theory & Pretty Deadly vs The Brawling Brutes

Our opening match begins with Ridge Holland hitting Prince with a huge uppercut and then headbutt. Holland tags Butch in who hits a drop kick. Prince drives Butch into the corner and Kit Wilson tags in. Butch hits Wilson with a big lariat, Wilson ducks under a kick and runs to the corner to tag Theory in. Butch tags in Sheamus to a huge pop from the crowd as we cut to commercial.

*Commercial break*

Our opening match continues live with Prince having Butch in an armbar on the mat. Butch grabs Prince’s hand but Prince hits a right hand strike to break free and tag Theory in. Theory and Pretty Deadly make frequent tags and stomp Butch on the mat. Butch hits a tornado DDT off the middle rope to Prince and Sheamus and Theory are both tagged in. Sheamus hits a power slam before grabbing both members of Pretty Deadly on the apron, Theory get a a roll up for a two count. Sheamus hits Theory with an Irish Curse, Butch and Holland grab each of Pretty Deadly and The Brawling Brutes hit three individual White Noise moves to their opponents. Sheamus hits a Brogue kick but Pretty Deadly drag Theory out of the ring. Sheamus then dives off the top rope to take out the three and Butch follows with a moonsault to all three opponents.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Butch hitting an enziguri to Wilson and then Theory on the apron before tagging Sheamus in who hits a knee drop from off the top rope before covering Prince for two. Theory tags in and hits a power bomb and Theory covers for a two count. Sheamus hits a big lariat and then chaos breaks out as all competitors brawl in the ring. Theory rolls through the ropes and runs right into a running knee from Sheamus. Prince and Holland both tag in and Holland back drops both members of Pretty Deadly. The Brawling Brutes grab each of their opponents and hit them for 10 beats of the Bodhran individually. With the ref distracted Wilson and Prince switch places to confuse Holland, off this distraction Pretty Deadly hit Holland with Spilt Milk, Theory then tags in and covers for three.

Winners: Austin Theory & Pretty Deadly

*Commercial break*

SmackDown returns with Paul Heyman talking to Solo Sikoa backstage. Heyman says he wants tonight to be special for Roman Reigns, especially after last weekend. Heyman tells Sikoa he will talk to Adam Pearce and ensure that The Usos are nowhere to be found tonight.

We then cut to AJ Styles being wished happy birthday by the rest of the OC in a backstage segment presented as “earlier today” Styles says he’d love to see The OC take out Hit Row for his birthday. We cut to The OC making their entrance live as Gallows and Anderson and set to take on Hit Row after Mia Yim already burried them earlier today.

*Commercial break*

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs Hit Row

The match begins with Ashante taking a cheap shot and Anderson before the bell rings. Ashante hits with a lariat and then drags Anderson to the corner and tags in Top Dolla. Top Dolla hits a back elbow and taunts Anderson in the corner before tagging Ashante back in. With the ref distracted B-Fab takes a cheap shot at Anderson. Ashante has Anderson in a side headlock on the mat. Anderson gets to his feet and plants Ashante with a perfect spinebuster and Anderson tags Gallows in. Gallows hits a running elbow in the corner and then hits a power slam. Anderson tags back in and Gallows and Anderson hit the magic killer and Anderson covers for three.

Winners: Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

After the bell Top Dolla runs in to attack Anderson, Top Dolla then turns around to be hit with a Phenomenal Forearm from AJ Styles.

Backstage Paul Heyman approaches Adam Pearce. Pearce tells Heyman that The Usos’ travel plans have been canceled and security has been informed to prevent The Usos from entering the arena. Heyman smirks and then calls Roman Reigns on his phone.

*Commercial break*

SmackDown returns live for a brand new Grayson Waller Effect. Waller is introduced and Waller introduces his guest tonight, the new Raw Women’s Champion, Asuka, who makes her way out to the ring. Waller congratulates Asuka and shows a video that recaps Asuka defeating Bianca Belair at Night of Champions. Asuka laughs and celebrates her victory. Waller then points to the Money in the Bank briefcases hanging above the ring and says that between that and Belair’s impending return, Asuka needs to be ready.

Waller and Asuka laugh together before Iyo Sky comes out to the ring cutting a promo on Asuka in Japanese, Asuka responds in Japanese and Waller tries to cut them off before Bayley then comes out to visible annoyance from Waller. Bayley says that one of Damage CTRL will win Money in the Bank, then Shotzi interupts Baylay as Waller looks like he has totally given up now. Shotzi says she is made for the chaos of a ladder match, and then Lacey Evans comes out to the ring. Evans alludes to her qualifying match tonight and right on time Zelina Vega comes out and tells everyone to keep underestimating her, because it will make it so much sweeter for her to win Money in the Bank. All the women in the ring argue with each other as Waller says “this is great, keep bringing more women out here, I love America” his words not mine. Asuka at the top of the stage says that nobody is ready for Asuka and that’s the exact moment when Bianca Belair comes out to attack Asuka. WWE officials try to separate Asuka and Belair as we cut to commercial.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Cameron Grimes talking to Adam Pearce backstage, Grimes says the next time he sees Baron Corbin on SmackDown, he will take care of Corbin.

Zelina Vega vs Lacey Evans

Before the bell we see video footage of Evans taking a cheap shot at Vega and hitting the women’s right.

The match officially begins with Evans stomping Vega in the corner. Vega hits a rolling kick on the mat and covers for two. Evans has Vega in a chin lock on the mat vut Vega breaks free with a series of kicks. Vega is able to duck a lariat and hit the code red and cover for the three count that makes Vega the first official entrant in the women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match.

Winner: Zelina Vega

*Commercial break*

Montez Ford vs LA Knight

Our second qualifying match begins with a lock up as the crowd loudly chants for LA Knight. Knight and Ford shove each other as the crowd could not possibly be more behind LA Knight. Ford hits a big drop kick. Knight hits a running forearm to knock Ford to the ground outside the ring.

*Commercial break*

The match continues live with Knight and Ford trading punches. Ford hits a big lariat and then a back body drop. Knight dodges a standing moonsault and plants Ford with a power slam. Knight goes for a springboard moonsault from off the top rope but Ford rolls out of the way. Ford and Knight hit with a double lariat to leave both men down on the mat. Ford headbutts Knight in the corner and goes for the frog splash but Knight rolls out of the way, Knight gets a roll up and uses the rpes for leverage to get the three ount as the crowd goes wild for this result.

Winner: LA Knight

After the match LA Knight sets up a ladder in the ring and climbs it to celebrate with the Money in the Bank briefcase in sight.

We then are shown a video package for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn containing various shots of spooky forests and such that I have no doubt FOX will receive numerous complaints about, regardless of how incredible it was, and it was an incredible video package for the new members of the main roster.

Triple H then makes his way out to the ring in preparation for the celebration for Roman Reigns.

*Commercial break*

SmackDown returns with Triple H in the ring, with a pedestal that very clearly holds a title belt covered with a cloth. Triple H calls Reigns a man you will tell your children and grandchildren about and Triple H introduces Reigns who makes his way out to the ring along with Sikoa and Heyman. Triple H congratulates Reigns for his historic milestone and to congratulate him it is his honor to present Reigns with a brand new Undisputed WWE Universal title belt. Triple H reveals the belt…and it’s the same as the old title belt but with a gold center plate, the crowd reacts exactly how you would expect.

Rigns celebrates with his new title belt with pyro and accepts the mic from Heyman while Heyman is holding the old two belts. reigns calls for the entire universe to acknowledge him. The Uso’s music hits and Jimmy and Jey begin to walk to the ring as Wade Barrett calls for security to be fired, which is fair, we then cut to commercial at an incredibly odd time.

*Commercial break*

SmackDown returns live with The Usos in the ring with Reigns and Jimmy staring down intensely. Reigns telly Jey Uso to kick Jimmy in the face. Jimmy’s eyes do not move as Jey does not kick his brother. Jimmy says that the only one who needs fixing is Roman. Jimmy said Jey can’t fix this, it was him who kicked Reigns, and that he did what he did as a brother. Jimmy says Reigns has manipulated, hurt and betrayed his own family. Jimmy points to Solo and says when Reigns’ is done using him he will kick him aside like he did to Jimmy and Jey. Reigns says that the reason the crowd is chanting for The Usos is because of him. Reigns says Jimmy is talking on Solo’s behalf like he doesn’t have a voice. Reigns hands the mic to Solo and tells Solo to tell everyone who he’s loyal to. Solo says he acknowledges his tribal chief… but thee two right here are his brothers.

Solo hands the mic back to Reigns and walks to stand next to The Usos in a moment that greatly pops the crowd. Reigns goes to say something but Jimmy Uso gets right in Reigns’ face and shoves him. Reigns steps up but Jey Uso steps in between them begging the family for peace. Jimmy says Jey is right and that they are stronger as a family, and that they need respect as a family and need to continue to run this place together. Reigns legitimately wipes tears out of his eyes as he hugs Jimmy Uso. Jey looks relieved until Reigns says no into the mic. Solo Sikoa then hits Jimmy with a Samoan Spike. Reigns leaves the ring and Jey checks on Jimmy and Solo stands above The Usos before leaving the ring along with Reigns.

SmackDown goes off the air with Reigns telling Heyman that Jey will fall in line like he always does.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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