Vince McMahon is known for his practical jokes. After all, he once said his favorite thing was the look on someone’s face right before they were pushed into a swimming pool with all of their clothes on.

According to former WWE photographer Tom Buchanan Vince McMahon had a peculiar way of amusing himself during plane trips. Buchanan also had an interesting experience with Linda McMahon, and The Ultimate Warrior once threatened to kill him.

In 1987, Buchanan transitioned from working as a freelance photographer to becoming a full-time staff member for WWE. During one flight, someone placed a man’s shoe on Buchanan’s lap, leaving him puzzled by the gesture. Later on, during the same journey, Vince McMahon repeated the act, this time with a woman’s shoe.

During his appearance on the Cheap Heat Productions Podcast, Tom Buchanan revealed that he eventually discovered McMahon’s peculiar penchant for swiping people’s shoes if they happened to doze off during plane rides.


“Vince had a thing. Everybody in the company had a thing for stealing shoes if you fell asleep, so that was just a known sort of thing. I was sitting back in coach, I didn’t know about this little thing, and some person came by and dropped a shoe in my lap. It was a black men’s shoe. I didn’t know what this thing was about. Then, a short while later, Vince McMahon came up [from] first class and dropped a white lady’s shoe in my lap.”

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We’ll have to see what kind of stories might come out about Vince McMahon in the future. There are obviously decades of experiences that can be revealed, but only time will tell how long it takes for those to surface, if they ever do.

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