Vince McMahon is a very unique individual with several stories circling him. Some of those stories are true and Jim Cornette recently took a lot of them on.

During a recently episode of his podcast, Jim Cornette was asked about several famous stories involving Vince McMahon. A lot of the stories are hard to believe, but Vince McMahon is also unlike anyone who has ever lived.

Some of the stories that Jim Cornette addressed are funny, but others are cruel. It is certainly interesting to hear so many famous legends confirmed about one man.

You can check out the stories below. There is a brief description of the legend behind Vince McMahon followed by Jim Cornette’s response.


Vince McMahon hates sneezing and gets angry if he sneezes

Jim Cornette said that he’s never seen Vince McMahon sneeze. He told a story about being incredibly sick and going to work anyway. He was very sick and showing it, but they carried on around him and did not offer for him to go home once.

Vince McMahon raced Court Bauer on the road and boxed him in nearly running him into a construction zone

Jim Cornette confirmed that this story is true. Vince McMahon tried to kill one of his writers over a road race.

Vince McMahon stole an NBC executive’s shoes because he didn’t like him

They were at Dick Ebersol’s birthday party at a bowling alley. This executive said something to McMahon that he didn’t like so McMahon stole his shoes. McMahon later called him and said “that’s what you get, pal.” The NBC executive had to wear his bowling shoes home.

Vince had real police arrest Jonathan Coachman as a prank

Jim Cornette confirmed this is true. Coachman was “arrested” for running a betting pool at work. Cornette said others in the pro wrestling business have pulled this rib including “they had Arn Anderson in the back of a police car in Charlotte at the coliseum allegedly on a statutory rape charge.” He said Arn was in the back seat of the police car looking very scared until he saw Tully Blanchard and Ric Flair standing there laughing at him.

Vince McMahon got drunk at a strip club and had Superstars do their finishers on him

Jim Cornette did confirm this. He wasn’t sure if it was a strip club or a hotel bar.

Let’s continue with the crazy Vince McMahon stories.

Vince McMahon insulted Kofi Kingston on a plane and Chris Jericho told Kofi he had to fight McMahon or his career was “over”

Jim Cornette said the story is true, but he wasn’t there. He also said “it’s almost like Vince has gotten younger mentally.” He said that Vince didn’t want to “actively fight the boys” back when he knew McMahon.

WWE Writer was told to stop nodding at Vince McMahon because “Vince hates nodding”

It was also said in the story that “Vince hates yes men.” Cornette said that he’s never seen Vince yell at anyone over nodding. He didn’t dispute it because “it sounds like something Stephanie would say.”

Vince McMahon tried to out-do Mark Henry’s workout

Jim Cornette said “I haven’t heard it, but I believe it.”

Vince didn’t want to hire Gail Kim until Jim Ross informed McMahon that Asian porn is very popular

Jim Cornette said he’s heard Jim Ross tell that story, “so, yes [it’s true]” Then he said “Vince McMahon’s idea of a drop dead gorgeous woman is Sable.”

Vince told Tiger Ali Singh that he didn’t care if he was desecrating his culture by a wearing turban

Jim Cornette said he didn’t see it happen, but he believes it. Cornette then told a few other stories about Tiger Ali Singh’s time in WWE that lead him to believe this happened.

Let’s continue with the crazy Vince McMahon stories.

WWE had a snow cone party at WWE Headquarters and Vince ate 10 snow cones

The story goes that Vince McMahon stood up on a table and announced in his “you’re fired voice” that he loves snow cones. Jim Cornette did not see this happen, but he “can believe it is true.”

Vince thinks pushing someone in the pool with all their clothes on is hilarious

Jim Cornette confirmed this because he was once pushed into a swimming pool by Vince McMahon at his Stamford home. Cornette said that McMahon has never shoved Pat Patterson in the pool, but “everybody who ever went there for a workday ended up in the pool.”

Vince McMahon got drunk and urinated on Ric Flair’s hotel bed

Jim Cornette hadn’t heard that story.

Vince McMahon has an incredibly thick beard and he shaves multiple times a day

It was said that Paul Heyman once asked McMahon why he doesn’t just let his beard grow out. “I can’t let it win” was the reply Vince gave. Jim Cornette confirmed that this story is true. McMahon carries an electric razor with him in his briefcase and he shaves all the time.

Vince McMahon mistakenly called Michael Tarver by Shelton Benjamin’s name

“I heard that a long time ago,” Jim Cornette said.

Vince wanted Kane’s penis to be 3-feet long in the movie See No Evil

Jim Cornette didn’t know anything about that.

Vince McMahon called a television technician to his house to fix a TV that was on mute

Jim Cornette confirmed this story is true. Vince McMahon didn’t know the TV was on mute and he called someone out to fix it. He thought the TV was broken. Then Vince gave the technician $100 for his troubles when he informed him that the TV was on mute.

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