WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has shared his thoughts on Mercedes Moné’s recent injury, expressing that he is not surprised given the current state of the wrestling industry. Moné suffered a broken ankle during her match against AEW star Willow Nightingale in the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship tournament finals.

While many expected Moné, also known as The CEO, to emerge victorious, the unfortunate injury occurred mid-match, leading to her loss. Despite the injury, Moné displayed remarkable resilience and finished the bout before being carried backstage for medical attention.

Booker T discussed the incident on his Hall of Fame podcast, remarking that he wasn’t surprised by the injury, considering the high work-rate and physical demands that wrestlers put themselves through in today’s wrestling landscape.

“These young guys today, they are so over the top. They can do just about anything, and they are willing to push themselves just about as far as they possibly can go. So I’m not surprised or anything like that. Just bad timing,” Booker T commented on his podcast.


He further acknowledged the unfortunate timing of the injury for Moné, as she was riding a wave of momentum in her career. With a broken ankle affecting her mobility, Booker T predicted that she would need to take several months off to recover.

“Just bad timing for Moné because she’s, right now, talk of the town. Everybody’s talking about Moné, and then you have a broken ankle, which is your wheel right there. That’s your base. You have to take some time off. You’re going to have to stay off of it in order for it to heal. So I’m sure she’s going to be looking at three to six months, easy,” Booker T stated.

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