During tonight’s episode of WWE NXT, a highly anticipated match between Axiom and Dabba Kato took an unexpected turn as a fan favorite WWE star debuted a significant character change, resulting in a major babyface turn.

In a match that ended in chaos, the recently unmasked SCRYPTS made a dramatic return, capturing the attention of the NXT audience. However, it was the return of Reggie that stole the spotlight as he rushed to the ring to save Axiom from a brutal beatdown by Dabba Kato.

The NXT crowd rallied behind Reggie, chanting his name and displaying their excitement for his reappearance. Surprisingly, it appeared that the fans were even more thrilled to see Reggie than Axiom.

Following the match, Axiom hesitated when Reggie extended his hand in a gesture of camaraderie. The recent feuds with SCRYPTS had left Axiom wary, unsure if he could trust Reggie’s sudden change of heart, despite the fact that Reggie had just come to his aid.


Axiom’s concern was palpable, as he grappled with the conflicting emotions brought about by Reggie’s timely intervention. While Reggie’s actions saved him on this occasion, Axiom remained cautious, keeping in mind the history between SCRYPTS and himself.

What are your thoughts on Reggie’s unexpected character change and babyface turn during tonight’s episode of WWE NXT?

Steve Carrier

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