Warner Bros. Discovery is currently hosting its upfront presentation for advertising partners at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater, and wrestling fans were delighted to spot some AEW-related content in the video reels preceding the event.

During the presentation, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav extended his warm welcome to the attendees. Meanwhile, AEW footage featuring Jade Cargill was showcased on the screen as they promoted TBS.

As the upfront presentation continues, wrestling fans will remain on the lookout for any AEW-related news or notes. Rest assured, we will keep you updated with any significant developments that emerge from the Warner Bros. Discovery upfront presentation.

The slideshow displayed behind Steinlauf captures the moment when Chris Jericho soars through the air, landing on Adam Page during the exhilarating event known as All Out.


The footage incorporated in the slideshow featured Excalibur’s enthusiastic exclamation of “UNBELIEVABLE,” chosen over alternative scenes.

During the presentation, a clip showcasing Athena, along with in-arena footage from an AEW TV taping, was included for viewing.

AEW actually broke the news of it’s new weekly live show AEW Collision before the presentation event started. You can read all about it here.

A captivating graphic featuring the renowned LUCHA BROS was shown.

In her discussion about the diverse range of programming offered, Kathleen Finch, Chairman and Chief Content Officer of the US Networks Group, specifically mentioned wrestling as part of their content lineup.

AEW Collision is finally announced shortly after Jason Momoa was named to host Discovery Shark Week 2023.

During the announcement, WBD executive Kathleen Finch shared the exciting news that AEW Collision will be airing on TNT starting from Saturday, June 17th.

This concluding the upfront presentation for AEW Collision.

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