Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus have been engaged in an intense and personal rivalry within WWE, captivating fans with their heated exchanges. The feud centers around Stratus’s desire to no longer play second fiddle to Lynch and her accusation of disrespecting her legacy. As the storyline progresses, the animosity between the two has grown more personal.

Stratus has left no stone unturned in her attempts to belittle Lynch. On social media, she has taken jabs at Lynch’s posts and even promoted “missing” posters when Lynch refused to confront her. On television, Stratus boasted that Lynch lacked the courage to step up to her, but Lynch proved her wrong.

After a brief hiatus due to injury, Lynch made her return and unleashed a flurry of strikes, causing Stratus to retreat. The WWE Hall of Famer further instigated the situation by insulting Lynch’s daughter, which led to Lynch losing control. The rivalry has intensified on-screen, escalating from former friends to bitter enemies. However, it should be noted that in real life, there is no personal animosity between the two.

Both Lynch and Stratus have effectively used social media to generate interest in their storyline, garnering significant attention. It is important to emphasize that their exchanges on platforms like Twitter are merely banter and not indicative of any real-life heat between them. In fact, Lynch considers Stratus to be her wrestling idol and has expressed admiration for her.


While the rivalry between Lynch and Stratus continues to captivate audiences, it is worth noting that they are actually friends outside of the wrestling world. Their on-screen interactions and social media banter are part of their commitment to their characters and the storyline they are involved in.

Trish Stratus has been a fixture in the company since February. Although she last competed against Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam 2019, she played a pivotal role in Becky Lynch and Lita’s tag team title victory. However, she grew dissatisfied with their chemistry and her part in the story.

Before her heel turn, Stratus expressed her admiration for Lynch, considering her one of her favorite wrestlers. In an interview with B/R Wrestling, Stratus drew parallels between Lynch and Lita, highlighting their shared path of forging their own way in the industry. Lynch, too, has been a long-time fan of Stratus, dating back to her teenage years.

“It’s a great dynamic because she and Lita are very similar. They forged that path of doing it their own way and their M.O. was living that out.”, said Trish. “I’ve been a fan of Becky’s for so long.”

Becky reiterated Trish’s words via ESPN following their WrestleMania performance She has been a huge fan of Stratus since her teenage years.

“It’s surreal. To be walking in with my teenage idol as tag team champions, and although we didn’t defend our titles, which I would have loved to, especially her at WrestleMania, it was amazing that we got to walk down with Trish Stratus.”

WWE is reportedly building up a program for SummerSlam, and while there is a possibility that Lynch and Stratus will face off at that event, recent developments in their on-screen feud might lead to a booking for Night of Champions instead. However, if the story is prolonged until August, it may risk losing the interest of fans unless Lita becomes involved in the mix.

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