WWE has their eyes on a lot of talented people out in the pro wrestling world, and outside the business as well. Colby Corino shined on the indies and made a name for himself, and Steve Corino’s son was very close to inking a deal with WWE. It seems that things just didn’t work out.

Colby Corino and WWE came to a verbal agreement to sign a deal, but an actual contract never came. Now we know exactly how those events went down, because Colby is speaking for himself.

During a recent interview with Matt Koon, Colby Corino stated that he was all in with a deal to work for WWE. He was prepared to make a move to Florida, and his wife was very excited about it as well.

“I got the offer from WWE. Everything was agreed to, verbally. They said, ‘before we send you this contract, we have to do this background check.’”


“All good, I’ve already been background checked by them before when I did my first tryout a few years ago, nothing new should be of surprise. I didn’t do anything wrong the past couple of years. I have nothing to hide. Everything on there, they already know. After I get my offer, I’m ready to move my family down to Florida, sign a lease at my dad’s apartment complex. My wife was so excited. We were so excited because it felt like the dream come true. It felt like everything was finally paying off. All these times that we drove 12 hours one way, did a three hour show, turned around, went to the next town, did another show 12 hours later, then finally came home and made all those weekends, it felt worth it.”

It seems that things hit a snag when WWE wanted him to clear up something from his background check. There was a lot of waiting, and he was ready to move. Life was at a pause for Colby Corino, as he waited for WWE to give him a call, but he’s still waiting to this day.

“After we do all that and get the offer, a few weeks ago, after I get the paperwork for the background check, starting to get a little anxious because it’s been three or four weeks and no word. Starting to come up on the date where I’m supposed to move to Florida. We were supposed to move on Sunday, and the Monday before, I get a call. I get told there was a problem with my background check and there was something from seven years ago and that I needed to handle that and after that, I’d be good. Now, I’m good to go, and it seems like that’s not the case anymore.”

Colby Corino was questioned about the situation, and he replied that he is still seeking further details. Although the door to WWE is currently closed, he stated that it won’t remain shut permanently.

“I don’t have all the information that I want about the situation, but I know that, for right now, it’s not a closed door, but it’s a ‘not right now’ thing.”

When asked about a hiring freeze in WWE, Colby Corino stated that he’s “not sure. I feel they wouldn’t tell me about it if it was. That’s way above my head.”

There was a previous report that Colby Corino was told that WWE is in a “hiring freeze.” We must remind you once again, that is not the case within WWE.

Ringside News exclusively reported that WWE is not in hiring freeze. They just inked a deal with an Olympian. It seems that hiring Colby Corino hit a roadblock, and we’re still waiting to see what he does next in his career.

What’s your take on WWE finding an issue hiring Colby Corino? Do you think WWE should have brought him in anyway? Sound off in the comments!

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