Vince McMahon doesn’t really care what people think, as long as he’s getting the job done. This attitude also translates to his hygiene, even if he should probably excuse himself to clean up a bit.

Vince McMahon has been in control of WWE for decades, and only his recent return to the company saw him take a backseat with creative. There was a time when he didn’t leave the Gorilla Position backstage, even to go to the bathroom.

During a recent live Q&A session for Inside the Ropes, Jim Ross said that former WWE road agent Gerald Brisco has a very weak stomach, especially when it comes to bad smells. This brought JR to recall a story about a time when Vince McMahon created a very bad smell in his own pants.

“I remember this vividly, he’s wearing khaki pants, khaki colored slacks and he sharted, and there is visible proof he sharted. So somebody told the truck and the truck had a camera on him—but it was an ISO camera not a recording camera—it was recording but not a line feed. But he comes down and he’s got a racing stripe right on his a**, it’s kind of brown, kind of matches the khaki pants, kind of blended two earth tones I guess.” [3:08-3:45]


Jim Ross then made a statement which gave the impression that Vince McMahon appeared to be very proud of his actions. He also observed that McMahon did not acknowledge or show any concern for any negative consequences that may have resulted from soiling himself.

“[Gerald] Briscoe then of course ran from the Gorilla position to go vomit and Vince was walking down like he did, you know Conor McGregor’s thing is McMahon’s deal, he’s walking down doing this, he knew he s**t himself. He did not care no more than nothing, he didn’t give a s**t that he s**t.”

Jim Ross’ story about Vince McMahon could be added to the legend about the WWE Chairman. In fact, you can click here for a list of 15 incredible legends about Vince McMahon that turned out to be true.

Vince McMahon is a unique character, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. That means there are tons of stories about him to go around. It seems that a few of them might not be the easiest to hear if you’re a bit queasy over fecal matter.

We will have to see if any more stories about Vince McMahon surface that we’ve never heard before. Given the fact that he is still going strong in WWE, odds are those stories might still be ongoing.

What’s your take on Vince McMahon’s legend? What is the best thing about him? Sound off in the comments!

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