NJPW star Rocky Romero recently spoke with Comedy Store Wrestling about the possibility of wrestlers from WWE making the jump to NJPW, and the current state of the promotion. Romero expressed optimism about the future of NJPW and its ability to attract top talent.

Romero noted that the pandemic had a significant impact on NJPW, as it is primarily a live event business. However, the company was able to weather the storm by taking care of its own and not releasing anyone from their contracts. Now that live events are beginning to resume, NJPW is starting to get back on its feet.

Regarding the potential for WWE talent to jump to NJPW, Romero stated that it was a possibility. With Vince McMahon back in control of WWE and some wrestlers reportedly unhappy, it wouldn’t be surprising if someone decided to leave and join NJPW. Romero noted that the promotion’s door would be open for any wrestlers looking to make the jump.

“New Japan is in a weird spot because the pandemic hurt them. They’re a live event business more than anything. The pandemic happened, touring went out the window. It was important for the company to take care of their own, so nobody got fired or released. Everyone was taken care of and survived. Now, they’re just starting to get back on their feet.”


Romero also commented on NJPW’s recent signing of Mercedes Mone. He stated that Mone was a big investment for the promotion, as it allowed them to test the waters in the United States and worldwide. Romero expressed excitement about Mone’s future with the company and the potential for more signings in the future.

“Mercedes was a big investment, obviously, going forward and testing the waters of where they were in the States and worldwide when you take a big talent on like that. Now, we’re starting to feel comfortable again. Long story is, basically, if because Vince [McMahon] is back and there are people who are unhappy in WWE, there very well could be a possibility of somebody coming over, being fed up with it and just walking away. New Japan’s door will be open if that happens, for sure.”

Romero’s comments reflect a positive outlook for NJPW’s future. The promotion has a strong history of producing top-level talent and putting on high-quality matches, and it appears that they are poised to continue doing so in the years to come.

With the possibility of WWE talent jumping ship and more signings on the horizon, NJPW fans have much to look forward to in the coming months and years.

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