Pro wrestling fans love title belts, whether they are around their favorite performer’s waist, or over their own shoulder at events and conventions. Some fans drop a lot of money on custom title belts, and they make big plans for them as well. Sadly, it appears a lot of fans might still be waiting on their orders.

Belt Fan Dan, who is a great follow on Twitter if you want any information about title belt news or interesting factoids, sent out a tweet that called attention to a little known story. He called out Dave Millican, who has been in the title belt business for over twenty years, of not delivering on customer orders.

“$90,000”???? That amount of money would do a good job of refunding some of the dozens of people waiting over 10 years now for their paid in full orders, Dave. I get he’s a great resource, but why continue to promote and give TV time to a proven fraud and con who has 0 remorse?

There is a lot to unpack in this story, because it’s been going on since 2008, at least. Dave Millican has been allegedly scamming fans out of cash for title belts for a very long time.


Ringside News is told that Dave Millican’s partner, legendary belt designer Reggie Parks, died while having a queue of orders nearly as big. The main difference was that Reggie Park had a manager, Rico Mann, take the orders on his behalf. Many believe Rico took the money but never paid/or told Reggie about those orders.

All 3 individuals are members of Parks/Millican/Mann .LLC. This situation is a bit unique considering everything at play. The bottom line is that fans are ordering title belts, and have been for years, but they haven’t received them.

As part of Paypal agreements with clients, it stated that orders would be fulfilled by a member of the company, thus the outstanding Reggie orders would go to Dave to complete, but Dave has stated numerous times he is not going to honor that

This is a very interesting story, and one that has remained under the radar for a very long time. We invited you to watch the long video below, which will provide a lot more information and insight in this situation.

We can only hope that these fans will receive the title belts that they ordered. Some fans sink a lot of money into title belts, and they really want to rock them at the next pro wrestling event they attend. Then they don’t get anything at all in the mail, and that is a huge problem.

What’s your take on this situation with all of these fans out of money? Do you think it’s a scam, or did they simply take on too many orders to fulfill them all? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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