Another injury has hit the NXT roster as Sol Ruca reportedly suffered a torn ACL, according to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio.

This comes after a mystery attack angle on this week’s NXT, suggesting that the injury occurred before the show.

“There’s a lot of injuries there. A lot of people are blaming the strength training – that they’re doing heavy lifts as opposed to strengthening surrounding muscles to prevent injuries.

“People have brought up to me, there’s a lot of injuries, especially on the women’s side – there’s a lot of women’s injuries right now in NXT.”


It’s safe to say that Ruca will require a significant amount of time off from NXT. The recovery time for a torn ACL can vary depending on the severity of the injury and the individual’s healing process. In general, it can take six to nine months or more for a complete recovery after ACL reconstruction surgery, which is the most common treatment for a torn ACL.

The NXT brand has been experiencing several injuries lately, especially in the women’s division, with Nikkita Lyons and Wendy Choo being among the names that have suffered injuries. There have been reports that the current training regime in NXT may be a potential cause of the injuries due to the heavy lifting involved rather than focusing on strengthening surrounding muscles to prevent injuries.

NXT Women’s Champion Indi Hartwell also had an injury scare during her title three-way match with Roxanne Perez and Tiffany Stratton at NXT Spring Breakin’ event. Despite her leg bending in a bad way when catching Stratton on a dive to the outside, Hartwell was able to come back out and end the match as planned.

Interestingly, people in WWE have credited Tiffany Stratton as big reason behind NXT’s TV ratings boost for Tuesday’s special event. The NXT brand will likely have to take extra precautions in their training regimen to prevent future injuries and protect their roster’s health.

What do you think NXT should do to prevent future injuries among their roster? Do you agree with the criticisms about their current training regimen? Leve a comment.

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