Tiffany Stratton is a future WWE Superstar who is currently lighting up NXT. The company realizes that the blonde bombshell could be a big deal, and that is why they decided to put her front and center in their Spring Breakin’ advertising. Apparently, that paid off in a big way.

WWE NXT saw nice viewership boost with Spring Breakin’. Some in the company are actually giving credit to Tiffany Stratton for that boost, especially in the younger male demographic.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained that there are some people in WWE who believe that Tiffany Stratton deservers a lot of credit for that viewership boost.

That Spring Breakin’ thing worked. I know people in the company that believe that the Tiffany Stratton commercials on Raw were very big. Especially because the male viewers were up I believe 55% from the week before, while women viewers were down. So big, big gains with men but not with women.


“Even though the competition (on Tuesday night) would lead you to believe it would be otherwise because obviously the NHL and NBA, they had big games, lots of competition, those draw predominantly male audiences.”

Tiffany Stratton’s character could be a big draw on the WWE main roster someday. Her character has already gone through a couple of changes in NXT already, and she just started her career with WWE.

We will have to see how NXT does next week in the ratings. It is very possible that Tiffany Stratton’s segments will continue drawing a ton of attention. If anything, WWE is even more confident that they made the right decision by putting so much effort into her.

What’s your take on Tiffany Stratton’s future in WWE? Do you think she is a future NXT Women’s Champion? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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