CM Punk recently met with Chris Jericho and FTR in what has been described as a successful meeting.

The meeting was intended to be a neutral ground for Punk and Jericho to discuss their past differences and potentially set the stage for future collaborations between Punk and AEW.

The meeting was reportedly arranged by Jericho and FTR, who wanted to act as mediators between Punk and AEW. Jericho and Punk had previously feuded on social media, with Jericho taking shots at Punk for his past comments about WWE. However, the two have since buried the hatchet and were able to have a productive conversation.

According to wrestling journalist Wade Keller, who spoke about the meeting on a recent PWTorch audio show, the meeting went well. Keller heard from a source that the meeting took place and was a positive step forward for Punk and AEW.


 “I heard the meeting took place with Jericho and FTR. I think it was supposed to be on Friday I think. That might have been why was in Tampa and I just heard from one source that it went well.”

The meeting is significant because it suggests that Punk is open to working with AEW in the future. While there is no confirmation on what exactly was discussed during the meeting, it is possible that Punk and Jericho discussed potential storyline ideas or collaborations with FTR.

Overall, the meeting between Punk, Jericho, and FTR is a positive development for AEW and the wrestling industry as a whole. It shows that wrestlers are willing to put aside their differences and work together for the greater good of the industry. As for Punk, this meeting may signal his willingness to collaborate with AEW in the future, which would be exciting news for wrestling fans.

What potential collaborations between CM Punk and AEW do you think could come out of the recent meeting with Chris Jericho and FTR? Leave a comment.

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