CM Punk has been making headlines ever since he made his shocking return to professional wrestling at AEW Rampage: The First Dance in 2021. The former WWE champion has been vocal about his reasons for leaving WWE in 2014 and joining AEW in 2021, citing creative differences, burnout, and health issues. However, this week, Punk surprised many fans and insiders when he showed up backstage at WWE Raw in Chicago, his hometown.

CM Punk was surprisingly cordial with those he interacted with and even cleared the air with some wrestlers. Punk even left the arena without an incident when he was asked to do so. Since the news broke about Punk’s surprise backstage visit, many fans and critics have weighed in on the reason behind his visit.

Booker T also addressed the situation on his Hall of Fame podcast where he stated that Punk might be trying to emulate Bian Pillman’s strategy of pitting AEW and WWE against each other.

“That’s something that him and Tony Khan should be talking about,” said Booker T, “why was he at a WWE show […] This might be his Brian Pillman moment, you know? ‘I’m going to work the companies against each other.'” 


In 1996, Brian Pillman tried to generate enough interest between WWE and WCW to start a bidding war. The plan worked since he had serious interest from both companies despite being in a car accident. However, CM Punk is not a free agent and is still contracted to AEW.

However, Booker T also warned that Punk’s plan could backfire on him, and that it could be seen as a “character flaw” if he was just there to get thrown out of the building or cause trouble.

As of writing this article, CM Punk has not commented on the reason for his backstage presence. But it will be interesting to see what implications this will have on his AEW career. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we keep you updated on this story.

What do you think of CM Punk’s backstage visit to WWE Raw? Do you agree with Booker T that he is trying to pull a Brian Pillman move, or do you think he had a different motive? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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