Aubrey Edwards might be the most famous current referee today, since WWE won’t say their referees names on television. The AEW referee is not only Chris Jericho’s favorite, but she is also a preferred punching bag for critics online. It seems that some of those people might need to keep their opinions to themselves if they want to work later.

A lot of fans, and Jim Cornette, have drawn attention to Aubrey Edwards for various reasons. Her flamboyant style and facial expressions have often been deemed distracting. It seems that she knows that criticism is there, but she’s not letting it bother her.

As we have previously covered, Jim Cornette dragged Cornette in the past for her over the top style. He was not shy on his podcast about that opinion.

“There was one where the two girls in the match were standing there and they were squaring up in the middle and then suddenly, like a f*cking boom camera just wheeled in, she comes and sticks her face right in between them with that horse-faced f*cking expression on and a slight puppy dog lean of her head so she’s right in the shot there. In slow motion, it was hilarious…


When they started, we mentioned that she actually had a game face and looked like she was taking it seriously and was the only referee that even tried to have any authority. That was in the early shows, to see the facials and weird stances and it looks like she’s playing an invisible game of Twister up in the air. Right hand green! She sees the spot, so I don’t know. They’re all overly dramatic.”

While speaking on The Sessions, Aubrey Edwards spoke bout those critics online. She doesn’t let it bother her, but she does find it interesting when some of those people hit her up later looking for a job with AEW.

Not in AEW, because all of the guys are freaking great. All of them are incredible, but I will hear some criticism online from other referees that are like, on the indies and stuff, and I’m like, ‘dude, why are you criticizing people on TV, don’t you want a job someday? Like, I don’t focus on the criticism, I just focus on how silly they are. I’m like, why are you criticizing something online if you’re then shooting me a DM about getting you a job at AEW? Like, we’re not gonna do that, you just sh*t all over me.”

AEW has a lot of opportunities, but it seems that referees need to not fall out of Aubrey Edwards’ favor if they want any hope at landing a job with the company. We’ll have to see what’s next for AEW, but Aubrey Edwards isn’t likely going anywhere at this point.

What’s your take on Aubrey Edwards’ referee style? Do you think that she is too over the top? Sound off in the comments section to let us know what you’re thinking!

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