Dominik Mysterio has been involved in a storyline with The Judgment Day since he betrayed his father and Edge last year. This was truly what Dominik needed in order to breathe new life into his WWE career, as fans actually respond to what he does now. Dominik is one of the biggest heels in WWE right now and it appears Konnan believes he is a better heel than MJF.

Following a short stint in jail as part of his storyline, Dominik Mysterio returned with a new look, as many called him Prison Dom. For the most part, fans are beginning to like his heel character now.

Dominik Mysterio lost to his father Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 39. After that, when Dominik Mysterio cut a promo on the April 7th episode of Friday Night Smackdown, he got a ton of heat from fans – something that pro wrestling veterans noticed.

While speaking in a new interview with Nick Hausman, Konnan was asked to share his thoughts regarding the aforementioned episode featuring Dominik Mysterio. Konnan stated that he believes Dominik Mysterio is a better heel than MJF and explained his reasoning behind it.


“The thing is, he (Dominik) might be a better heel for this one reason,” Konnan began. “People like MJF. People don’t like Dom. So, he is a heel because, you know, he (MJF) went out in Long Island and he was trying to get over and I don’t think Dom would ever do that if he went to San Diego.

Yes, I think he should just be a straight-up heel and just get heat” he stated. “But, he’s so good and he’s so likable, he’s like Ric Flair. It was hard to really hate Ric Flair because he was so awesome. So, he’s kind of in that, and, of course, he’s catered, some of it is his own fault for catering to the fans sometimes but he’s kind of likable and hatable at the same time. So, he’s kind of in a hybrid situation whereas Dom is just a straight heel that nobody likes.”

WWE also considered sending Dominik Mysterio to NXT in the past. Regardless, Mysterio is currently on the greatest run of his career as a heel and we’ll have to see how WWE will continue to develop his character.

What’s your take on what Konnan said? Do you believe Dominik Mysterio is a better heel than MJF? Sound off in the comments!

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