Thunder Rosa continues to be regarded as a top-tier female professional wrestler in the industry today. However, she is facing a debilitating back injury and still remains on the shelf even now. While Rosa is still unable to compete, it appears she does not want to be a victim and return too early before Rosa is cleared to compete.

Thunder Rosa’s back injury forced her to withdraw from the highly-anticipated AEW All Out event. Despite her absence, she maintained her status as the AEW Women’s Champion but eventually had to forfeit the title – with Jamie Hayter being recognized as the only AEW Women’s Champion.

The former AEW Women’s Champion has been working hard rehabbing her injuries and clearly, she is feeling much better now. That doesn’t mean she is actually ready to compete just yet.

Britt Baker previously questioned Thunder Rosa’s passion for pro wrestling and this led to a lot of discussions online. This led to Britt Baker claiming that fans simply twisted her words.


While speaking on Busted Open Radio, Thunder Rosa talked about her injury. The Mexican star would then address Britt Baker questioning her passion. Rosa stated that she is still injured and is not cleared to compete and simply doesn’t want to be a victim by rushing her recovery. She added that there is no storyline with Britt Baker either.

First and foremost, I want to make sure people understand, at the beginning of this drama, everyone was speculating that I wasn’t hurt. It was proven that I was hurt. There are MRIs, they talked to my doctor, I had multiple epidurals, and I’m still not cleared. I had another MRI last week and the pain is still there. For me, personally, I wanted to drop the title the day that I couldn’t wrestle because they told me I was going to be out four to six weeks. My boss [Tony Khan] made the decision and said, ‘you’re going to be the champion and we’re going to have an interim champion.’ For me, as a competitor, I wanted to make it fair so my peers had an opportunity to defend the championship because it wasn’t fair that I wasn’t there, I wasn’t going to be there, and I was going to hold the title.

The problem comes, and this has been the question raised about me not showing up; I wasn’t booked to go there. When I got the news that I wasn’t going to keep the title, it caught me by surprise. ‘Today is the day, okay.’ I wasn’t able to go. I wasn’t able to get in the ring and say, ‘Guys. Unfortunately we made the decision, here is the title, thank you for the opportunity to let me represent.’ That opportunity wasn’t given to me. That’s pretty much it.

I want to make sure we focus on the women’s division now. I’m not there in the ring. I’m not a superhero to be able to get in the ring. We have to respect the people that are now representing the company. I have talked to the locker room. I took accountability for the things that some people had issues with me, and I went out there and apologized. That’s the best thing I can do. I want to make money. I want to make sure I can work with everyone, regardless if we have any issues or not.

At the end of the day, I’m booked to wrestle, unfortunately I can’t wrestle right now. I’m human, I don’t pretend to be a superhuman. I’m not here to be a martyr and I don’t want to be a victim. Right now, there is no storyline between Britt Baker and I. God as my witness, every morning and every night, I pray to God that there is one thing I want to do and one thing only. Not to get the championship, but to settle this in the ring, for once and all, and wrestle Britt Baker and show the world what a real professional wrestler is.”

The exact date of her in-ring comeback is yet to be announced, but it will definitely happen somewhere down the line. Only time will tell when the former AEW Women’s Champion will return. Till then, fans can only wait and hope she returns sooner rather than later.

What’s your take on Thunder Rosa? Do you want her to feud with Britt Baker after she returns? Sound off in the comments!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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