Since turning against his father Rey Mysterio at WWE Clash at the Castle, Dominik Mysterio has undergone a significant character makeover, with his storyline arrest just before Christmas serving as a turning point. After spending day in jail, Dominik came up with the moniker “Prison Dom,” claiming to be a changed man, which has gained a lot of attention from the fans.

Dominik Mysterio, frequently known as Prison Dom, made a comeback after spending a brief period in jail as part of his plot. The majority of fans are now starting to like his heel character and it has been a fresh creative direction for him.

Moreover, the former WWE tag team champion recently discussed the origins of his new persona. Dominik Mysterio appeared in an interview with “Inside The Ropes” discussing the gimmick and also the comparison made to Prison Mike.

“I feel like it was almost just like … a joke from my end where I, where I kind of just threw out this like, Prison Mike stuff and Finn had actually gotten, like, memes about it earlier because he came out with the bandana and everyone was comparing him to Prison Mike. But then I just threw it out there as a joke and then the next thing we’re doing is we’re filming me like kind of hardened out of jail … Prison Dom all the way.”


Over the past several months, Dominik Mysterio has developed a new edge. He has claimed numerous times on RAW and most recently SmackDown that he has served a hard time behind the bars.

Dominik Mysterio keeps tempting fate since, despite being detained for pestering Rey Mysterio outside WWE, he ended up doing the same thing on Valentine’s Day. Moreover, all signs are pointing toward a mega clash between Dominik and Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 39, after months of heated encounters between the father-son duo.

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