AEW has been making waves in the wrestling industry, with its roster of talented athletes and captivating storylines. However, a recent episode of AEW: All Access has caught the attention of fans for an unexpected reason. The company decided to censor the face of a current WWE executive who was present backstage, leaving viewers wondering who the person in question was.

It has since been revealed that the censored individual was none other than William Regal. Regal, who left AEW last year, returned to WWE in January as the Vice President of Global Talent Development. His son, Charlie Dempsey, currently works for WWE’s NXT brand, and was one of the reasons behind Regal’s decision to return to the company.

The latest episode of AEW: All Access showcased behind-the-scenes footage of Sammy Guevara preparing for his match in the gorilla position, where he was seen with his wife Tay Melo and Regal. However, the former wrestler’s face was blurred in the scene, sparking speculation and confusion among fans.

The decision to censor Regal’s face is not surprising given the competitive nature of the wrestling industry. WWE and AEW have been in a heated rivalry since the latter’s inception in 2019, and the companies have taken several jabs at each other over the years. It’s no secret that wrestlers and executives are not allowed to appear on rival shows or events, making Regal’s appearance on AEW: All Access a rare occurrence.


The censorship of William Regal’s face on AEW: All Access has sparked conversations about censorship within the internet wrestling community. While it’s unclear what the future holds for the relationship between WWE and AEW, one thing is for sure: wrestling fans will be keeping a close eye on both companies and their actions moving forward.

What are your thoughts on the censorship of William Regal’s face on AEW: All Access? Leave a comment below.

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