The morale of WWE talent took a significant hit on Monday after Vince McMahon made sweeping changes to the script of the 2023 RAW following the announcement of WWE being sold to Endeavor. McMahon’s involvement was a complete shock to many talent who had been assured for months that he would not be involved in creative.

McMahon’s sudden involvement caused a massive negative shift in morale among WWE talent, who had been assured that McMahon would not be involved in creative.

Just minutes before the show went on air, McMahon came into Gorilla position and began changing several aspects of the show. He was also present throughout the broadcast, making numerous changes even as the show aired. These changes frustrated many on the roster, who felt deceived after being told that nothing would change following a talent meeting earlier that day.

Several WWE wrestlers were disappointed and frustrated by the changes, including a number of women’s wrestlers who were set to participate in a tournament for a RAW Women’s Title shot. McMahon changed these plans, and several women’s segments were cut from the show. McMahon’s interference caused low morale among WWE talent, which many have described as the lowest point since pre-WrestleMania in 2022.


Many sources have reported that McMahon’s sudden involvement caused chaos backstage, with production and talent receiving instructions on the fly. Omos vs. Elias was a late addition to the show, and several things that were originally planned for the show didn’t end up happening.

There were also backstage elements, including Cody Rhodes talking on a phone, and an lWo-Bad Bunny integration that were changed at the last minute. However, it is unclear whether these changes were made by McMahon.

WWE talent expressed their disappointment and frustration, with some considering requesting their releases if McMahon’s involvement becomes a trend moving forward. Multiple wrestlers are already exploring their options in case McMahon continues to be involved in creative decisions.

Also, reports surfaced that LA Knight was originally planned to have a segment with Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania, and the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy was transported to SoFi Stadium specifically for this entrance. Shotzi was also set to have her tank for her entrance, but it was not used.

After Vince McMahon made his return to WWE, fans expressed their dissatisfaction with his leadership by trending #FireVince on Twitter and chanting for his release during NXT. A source within WWE confirmed to Ringside News that Endeavor is aware of the criticism against McMahon. Fans have been complaining about McMahon’s rewritten scripts and the recent changes back to the old guard, as Triple H was given “busy work” during a recent RAW. McMahon’s return to the company has been met with a backlash from fans.

It remains to be seen if Endeavor will make any changes based on their concerns. It is very unlikely it will be addressed, as Ringside News was exclusively told that they don’t expect Endeavor to address the matter publicly as it may affect the merger between WWE and UFC.

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