WWE has a lot going on right now with Vince McMahon taking control of power once again. Now that he’s back, changes are going to be made. That called for a big change on the show of shows.

Sean Sapp noted behind Fightful’s paywall that WWE nixed a segment with Bad Bunny and the LWO from RAW this week.

As mentioned, there was an LWO integration planned and scrapped, as well as a segment with Cody Rhodes backstage.

We previously reported that there was a rumor around that LA Knight had a segment nixed from WrestleMania 39. It turned out that there was a lot of truth to that.


Sean Sapp also confirmed behind Fightful’s paywall that LA Knight was actually in Los Angeles for WrestleMania. There was a plan to use him, but he was not used.

We can confirm WRKD Wrestling’s report that LA Knight was pitched and planned to have a segment with Bobby Lashley. WWE had the Andre Battle Royal trophy transported to SoFi Stadium specifically to do an entrance.

We’ll have to see what they do in the future with WWE creative. Vince McMahon is back in control of the company’s creative direction, and it seems that is not going to change.

LA Knight is a Triple H guy, who Vince McMahon saw as a male modeling agent. Then Triple H changed him around, but it seems that Vince might still disagree.

What’s your take on this situation with LA Knight at WrestleMania? Did WWE blow a giant opportunity? Sound off in the comments!

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