WWE Superstar The Miz has vowed to boycott gin and juice after his WrestleMania 39 experience with co-host Snoop Dogg.

The Miz reflected on his WrestleMania experience during an appearance on Kyle Brandt’s Basement. The Miz wrestled three matches across the two nights of WrestleMania, going 2-1 with one victory via injury stoppage. Snoop Dogg had some surprises for The Miz at the event, including an appearance by Shane McMahon.

However, during their segment, Shane McMahon suffered a quad injury while attempting a leapfrog. Snoop took over the situation by punching The Miz and dropping a people’s elbow on him. Reflecting on the event, The Miz recalled being hit by Snoop Dogg and compared his rings to brass knuckles.

“He had those Death Row rings, which are basically like a brass knuckle. Knocked me once, my steel jaw took it, got back up and he had to do another sucker punch and then he does a people’s elbow. Those rings he had on, I still have an indent in my chin. I’m surprised he didn’t break his hand when he felt my jaw.”


The Miz would then mention that he is no longer drinking gin and juice after the incident, nor will he perform ‘doggystyle’ on his wife.

“I’m not drinking gin and juice. I will no longer doggystyle anymore, my apologies to my wife. I can’t even look at my dog. Anything between dogs, I’m out on.”

The Miz’s comment about not drinking gin and juice may be a reference to the Snoop Dogg song of the same name. The Miz’s experience with Snoop Dogg and his Death Row rings may have left a lasting impression on him, leading him to swear off gin and juice.

Despite the injury and surprise attacks, The Miz had a successful WrestleMania and is looking forward to what the future holds.

“I’m ready to get back in there,” The Miz said. “I’m ready to get back in the ring and show everyone what I’m made of.”

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