Vince McMahon retired from WWE, and he took several months off, doing his own thing, but that soon ended. Mr. McMahon returned to WWE to facilitate a sale of the company, and he hasn’t been around creative. That being said, there are some clues that he is back.

Sean Sapp doubled down on the idea that Vince McMahon is not back in WWE Creative right now, and sources have confirmed this. He wrote behind Fightful’s paywall that although there is denial that McMahon is back, a big hint of re-writes could indicate that he is back.

Vince McMahon was famous for re-writes on the day of the show. As of right now, Triple H is still the man in the Gorilla Position calling the shots, but it wouldn’t surprise a lot of people if McMahon is actually doing a lot more behind the curtain.

Fightful reported recently that there were concerns among talent that Vince McMahon could have a bigger hand in creative than has been let on. WWE reps have vehemently denied that McMahon is involved, and McMahon has claimed to those close to him that he’s there to oversee either new television rights, a sale, or both. However, there have been some red flags that have caused more concern for talent.


Talent have noted that there are more rewrites the day of the show than usual under the Triple H regime. There have also been some strong indicators of characters and gimmicks being adjusted to a manner in which McMahon had previously preferred, that were relaxed or changed when Triple H took control. Some of these things have had an impact on morale. Talent have also mentioned that there has been extensive creative laid out, that was adjusted at the last minute. However, no talent we’ve heard from has outright been told Vince is involved beyond giving input. 

Vince McMahon ran WWE for decades, and habits like that are hard to break. His entire life was WWE, and it has to be difficult giving that up for another person to run. Right now, WWE is even outright telling talent that Vince McMahon is not back in any way.

WWE is up for sale, and a new buyer might not want Vince McMahon involved in any way. Until that happens, the paranoia of Mr. McMahon’s hand operating things behind the scenes might continue.

What’s your take on this story? Do you think Vince McMahon is actually running the show in secret? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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