Bianca Belair has proven herself as main-event performer in the world of professional wrestling. Belair’s athleticism, personality, and work ethic make her a force to be reckoned with. With her ripped physique and unrivaled agility, she quickly became one of the top competitors on the field. However, the EST of WWE has been dealing with a condition ever since the road began for her in the global juggernaut.

Bianca Belair has reportedly been dealing with ‘imposter syndrome.’ It has been recognized by psychologists and others to be a very real and particular type of intellectual self-doubt.

The EST of WWE excelled in track and field in college, eventually winning All-SEC and All-American accolades while enrolled at the University of Tennessee. She has been an athlete her entire life and has also competed in CrossFit and weight lifting as well.

Moreover, Bianca Belair’s meteoric rise to the top of the WWE Women’s division in nearly two years on the main roster has been remarkable. So it is even surprising to learn that a competitor like her would be dealing with a condition that brings self-doubt. Belair spoke about the same during an interview on WBIR Channel 10 – in her hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee.


“Being brand new, trying to navigate a new career, trying to navigate a new environment. dealing with imposter syndrome of ‘Am I really supposed to be here?’ … It was really just wrapping my mind around starting from the bottom and working my way up, and just being confident in myself.”

Despite all of that, Bianca Belair continues to be a marquee attraction for WWE today. The current RAW Women’s champion is gearing up to defend her title against Asuka at the upcoming event, WrestleMania 39, set to take place in Hollywood.

Are you surprised to learn about Bianca Belair’s situation? What is your take on imposter syndrome? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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