Bianca Belair has proven herself as a main event star in the world of professional wrestling. Belair is force to be reckoned with thanks to her athleticism, charisma, and work ethic. She swiftly established herself as one of the most entertaining competitors in the business thanks to her muscular physique and unmatched quickness. With that said, Bianca recently hit a new milestone in her WWE career.

Bianca Belair has continued to enjoy success on the main roster and has been pushed as one of the top stars of the company. She defeated Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 38 in April 2022, to kick off her dominant reign as the RAW Women’s Champion.

In October of last year, Bianca Belair reached 200 days and broke the previous record for the longest black world champion in WWE history. She spoke about the importance of the accolade when Belair defended the title against Bayley at WWE Extreme Rules.

The EST of WWE spent months trying to surpass a record set by MVP. The former Franchise Playa held the WWE United States Championship for 343 days, making him the longest-reigning black champion of any singles championship in WWE history.


Bianca Belair recently surpassed that number on Monday, reaching 344 days as the RAW Women’s Champion. She took to Twitter to express her gratitude for setting another milestone in the company.

“Yes! Shoutout to @The305MVP! I’m so honored!”

Bianca Belair is marching towards WrestleMania in Hollywood with perhaps one of the most dangerous competitors standing in her path. The current RAW Women’s champion will defend her title against Asuka, who has brought out the evilest side of her to knock off Belair and capture the title for herself at the Show of Shows.

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