Mercedes Mone made a name for herself as Sasha Banks in WWE, but she, along with Naomi, abruptly departed from the company after walking out in May 2022. A suspension followed that, and then her contract expired. Now she is on her own, but apparently, we don’t know the full story.

During an appearance at Planet Comicon in Kansas City, Mercedes Mone was asked whether she had any thoughts about returning to WWE after Triple H took over creative. After all, she has a much different relationship with Triple H than she did with Vince McMahon.

Mercedes Mone started things off by making it clear that nobody knows the real story about her WWE exit. Nobody knows what went down, because she hasn’t spoken on it yet, but that’s just an attribute of how classy she is.

“First of all, nobody knows the story. You don’t know the story, but you’re reading whatever you want to read and believe whatever you want to believe. Nobody knows the story because I haven’t said anything, and I’m not going to say anything because that’s just the classy boss that I am. The CEO, but one thing, it’s up to them.”

“It’s up to Dakota (Kai). It’s up to everybody else to come back. That’s great for them. That’s awesome. That’s their dream, but I went after mine, which was going to Japan. You have to follow your heart and follow your soul and follow your dreams, and this was always a dream of mine that I never got to accomplish.”

“As I’m growing in my career, I’d been in the WWE for almost ten years. I had to have a change. I had to feel something different in my heart and my soul. I had to go after a whole new dream and a whole new chapter and a whole new destiny for me, and this is what I wanted for me, and this is what I wanted to make happen for me, that’s it. This is what I’m going for. This is my dream,” 

Mercedes Mone could exit NJPW soon enough, and that is interesting, because she is their Women’s Champion. Only time will tell if her road winds back to WWE, but nothing seems to be off the table.

The former Sasha Banks made it very clear that she will go where the money is. Hopefully, she ends up in a good place, but fans will support her no matter what.

You can check out the video of Mercedes Mone’s appearance below. In the meantime, keep checking back with Ringside News for more on this, and everything else going on in the pro wrestling world.

What’s your take on Mercedes Mone’s current status? Do you want to see Sasha Banks again? Sound off in the comments!

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