Mercedes Mone made a lot of noise when she showed up in NJPW. The former Sasha Banks walked out of WWE in May 2022, and she showed up for a big pay check in Japan. Now she is clarifying exactly what will encourage her to take more bookings.

While speaking to TMZ Sports, Mercedes Mone made it very clear that she will wrestle where the money is. That being said, she just wants a paycheck and is prepared to face anyone for that payday.

“I wanna see who’s ready for Mercedes Mone. I’m always here for the check. I’m always here for the bag and whoever has the biggest bag is where I’m gonna go.”

Mercedes is getting mainstream attention at this point, and that is exactly what she wanted. If her plan is to make a return to WWE, then she is certainly raising her real estate value with appearances like this.


When asked about her debut for NJPW, Mercdes only had glowing things to remember from the experience. The former WWE Superstar opened up about how big of a highlight it was for her career.

“It was a moment I’m always going to remember. It’s probably my second favorite moment of my career thus far and that’s saying a lot because I’ve done so much in professional wrestling.”

Mercedes Mone is still going strong in NJPW, and she has no plan on stopping any time soon. She will also keep cashing those big paychecks, because, if anything, the CEO has proven that she’s more than just a Boss.

Mercedes Mone’s recent statements indicate that she is primarily motivated by money when it comes to taking wrestling bookings. Her high-profile appearance in NJPW has garnered significant attention and has boosted her real estate value, potentially leading to more opportunities in the future, including a possible return to WWE.

Despite Mercedes Mone’s focus on financial gain, she has expressed her appreciation for the experience and the positive impact it has had on her career. As she continues to make waves in the industry, it is clear that Mercedes Mone is a force to be reckoned with, driven by her determination and unwavering commitment to her craft.

Do you think Mercedes Mone will ever make a return to WWE? Do you expect to see her sooner than later in AEW? Sound off in the comments section to start a conversation!

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