Cody Rhodes is currently one of the most prominent figures in the world of WWE. Following his impressive performance at WrestleMania 38, his popularity and status within the organization have continued to soar. Rhodes is set to go head-to-head against Roman Reigns for the coveted Undisputed Universal Titles at WrestleMania 39. Now it seems Rhodes believes his father Dusty Rhodes wouldn’t have been in his corner at WrestleMania 39.

Cody Rhodes and Dusty Rhodes shared a close and cherished bond that extended beyond the confines of the wrestling world. As not only Cody’s father, but also his mentor, friend, and role model, Dusty played an integral role in shaping Cody’s career in the industry. Cody often reflects on how much he learned from his father, who trained and guided him in the early stages of his wrestling journey.

Although Dusty’s passing in 2015 was a heartbreaking loss for Cody and the entire wrestling community, he has continued to honor his father’s legacy and influence through his own work in the industry.

The former 2-time WWE Intercontinental Champion remains open about the profound impact his father had on him and strives to keep his memory alive through his wrestling endeavors.

While speaking in an interview with ‘Stadium Astro,’ Cody Rhodes talked about his upcoming match against The Head Of The Table at WrestleMania 39. Rhodes stated that he believes his father Dusty Rhodes wouldn’t have been in his corner at WrestleMania 39.

That’s a great question (what advice Dusty Rhodes would have given me heading into WrestleMania 39). I know that a lot of people in the industry have kind of their opinions on — of course their opinions and their anecdotes and their stories on my father and one thing I can tell people is nobody knew him as well as me or my sister. No one knew him as well as we did and knowing that, I don’t think he would have wanted to be in my corner. I think he would have wanted to be somewhere private, where he could just enjoy it. He really had a great appreciation for what he did already and any time I tried to drag him out to do something, he would do it for me because he loved me but also, he wanted to say goodbye at the right time and I think that’s why he liked being behind the scenes with NXT and working with someone like a Roman Reigns.

So I think he’d be hiding somewhere watching this and I think if he could tell me anything as far as advice, the thing he always used to say when it came to a great TV match, a great moment that you were gonna have on Raw or SmackDown, he’d always say, ‘Hit your finish. Hit your finish.’ It’s just an old school mentality of consistently reminding your audience this is the thing that puts this match away, this is the thing. He had the ‘Bionic Elbow’, I have ‘Cross Rhodes’ and ‘hit your finish’ sounds awfully a lot like ‘finish the story’ in my case and I think they would go hand in hand.

It remains to be seen how WrestleMania 39 pays off for Cody Rhodes. He has the biggest match of his career ahead of him against Roman Reigns, and he is definitely not lacking in confidence ahead of the big match.

Do you think Cody Rhodes win the Undisputed WWE Universal Title at WrestleMania? Sound off in the comments!

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