Dutch Mantell and WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair have found themselves embroiled in a heated online feud that has captivated wrestling fans. The feud began after Mantell commented on Flair’s last match on his StoryTime with Dutch Mantell podcast, leading to a heated exchange between the two wrestlers.

Although the feud seemed to be coming to an end, Flair reignited it on his To Be The Man podcast, asking Mantell to keep his opinions to himself. This resulted in Mantell throwing major accusations at Flair on his Facebook account, including claims of lying, not paying taxes, being in debt, and being sued for non-payment actions.

“Ric, there’s a huge difference between us and before you get to how much money you made vs. me, I’ll concede that point. Yes, you made a helluva lot more $$$ than I did. But I think along the way, I’ve never been accused of: Lying, not paying taxes, borrowing money from friends to pay said taxes and not paying them back, being millions of dollars in debt and being sued for settlement in non-payment actions plus arrested for domestic violence. Only seriously hollow people do that. It would seem that after all this you should’ve learned something but alas, not.”

Dutch Mantell would then issue a challenge to Ric Flair, inviting him to an online debate via Zoom to discuss his past. He suggested they charge a dollar per view and donate the proceeds to charity.

“If you want, let’s have a ‘ACTUAL DEBATE’ via Zoom about you and me and your past. We’ll charge a dollar a view and donate it to charity. Let’s debate the truthfulness of your life instead of just your opinion on people, like me critiquing your LAST MATCH which by the way hasn’t changed. Before I go Ric…I’ve got to thank you for making me a bigger presence on Social Media than I was. My Twitter, Facebook and InstaGram has gained a lot more followers. So have a great day, drink about 12 beers, hit a few Tequila shots and watch some old videos from Jim Crockett Promotions when you were actually good about 40 years ago. One question…what does it feel like to literally steal $300,000 from wrestling fans on your LAST MATCH?”

Despite the heated exchange, Flair claimed that he liked Dutch Mantell and that there were no hard feelings between them. In his response, Mantell ended by saying he still loved the 16-time World Champion.

“One fan asked another fan, ‘Did you see Flair’s last match?’ The other fans replied, ‘I f’ng hope so’. See you Naitch. No hard feelings Ric but the facts are the facts. Take care sir. I still love you Naitch!!” Mantell wrote.

This feud has generated a ton of interest among wrestling fans, with many following the exchange between the two wrestlers. As the story continues to develop, it is likely to generate even more interest and attention.

What do you think of the ongoing feud between Dutch Mantell and Ric Flair? Do you think it’s just a source of entertainment or does it reflect the personal conflicts that can arise in the wrestling industry? Leave a comment.

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