Jim Ross was brought into AEW as the voice of the company, and his tenured experience helped shape many of AEW’s events. He was later moved to Rampage, as Dynamite’s announce team continued to shift, but he won’t be around this week.

Jim Ross is well-respected in the pro wrestling world for his decades of experience. He’s gone through a lot, and fans continue supporting him to this day. That doesn’t mean he isn’t prone to slipping up every now and then, like when he called AEW’s flagship program “WWE Dynamite.”

During his Grilling JR podcast, Good ole JR noted to fans that he won’t be on Rampage this week. The legendary announcer has a lot of traveling to do.

“We had a lot of travel last couple of weeks. You and I were talking off-air that I was gone… ten days. Living here in Florida, part-time anyway, Florida to California is a haul. People can say what they want, but that’s a long-ass trip, and with my ankle as it is, the more I fly, the more painful it gets because it’s like any other flight, any other human, your feet swell, your hands swell, it’s just normal flying sh*t. But when you got a bad ankle, you’re trying to get this wound to close and not open, it’s challenging. So we don’t have any more of those bad trips right now. I did not make [Winnipeg], so therefore I won’t be on Rampage this Friday night. I’m enjoying this week off, so to speak.”

Although Jim Ross’ responsibilities lightened in AEW, he is still an important part of their company. We will have to see what happens in the months to come, because Jim Ross will likely try to make sure he doesn’t miss any more shows.

What’s your take on Jim Ross in AEW? Should Tony Khan replace him? Sound off in the comments section!

Felix Upton

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