Rhea Ripley has developed into one of the more captivating WWE superstars in their women’s division. Although she has impressed since her first days with the company, her work as a member of Judgment Day at the moment is nothing short of extraordinary. She has shown a strong presence in front of male superstars and recently expressed her desire to beat up AJ Styles once again.

AJ Styles has been a cornerstone for WWE television programming, replicating the same success he achieved outside the promotion. During that time, he has also developed a reputation of making anyone he works with look good.

AJ Styles and his OC members, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were involved in a brief feud with The Judgment Day last year. However, Styles has been out of action for a while now due to a broken ankle he suffered last year.

Rhea Ripley has been known to step up against any WWE superstar, male or female. The Eradicator recently revealed that she wants AJ Styles to return soon so that she can potentially beat him up during an interview with  WWE Die Woche.

“It’s all fun. The main person that I really enjoyed beating up was probably AJ Styles. I don’t know why, I think it’s something about him, but just watching his reaction to me stepping up to him and being so baffled that this woman is standing up to him and beating him up, it really made for a fun time for me and I loved screwing up his brain a little bit. I’d like AJ to come back so I could potentially beat him up again.”

Rhea Ripley is gearing up for the biggest night of her career in three weeks. Dominik Mysterio’s Mami will square off against Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 39 for the SmackDown Women’s championship in one of the marquee matches on the card.

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