Nia Jax was a formidable presence among female WWE Superstars, renowned for her commanding presence inside the wrestling ring. Although her time in NXT was somewhat erratic, featuring intermittent feuds with wrestlers like Asuka, she left a lasting impression on fans. However, her departure from WWE in 2021 left many to surmise that her career in professional wrestling had concluded. She competed in the Women’s Royal Rumble back in January and it seems Jax is happy that people even remembered her.

Nia Jax made a surprising comeback as an unanticipated participant in the Women’s Royal Rumble match. Entering as the 30th entrant, she amazed the crowd at the Alamodome and emphasized her previous status as a WWE RAW Women’s Champion.

Several women had to work together in order to remove Jax from the match, causing fans to express relief that she was eliminated, as they were afraid she might win the entire match.

While speaking during virtual signing hosted by East Coast Autograph Auctions, Nia Jax talked about her appearance during the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble match and looked back on it.


Nia Jax expressed her delight at surprising fans with her appearance at the 2023 Royal Rumble. She admitted to feeling anxious before entering the ring, wondering if fans still remembered her.

Jax also refrained from commenting on why her music played before the timer hit zero, stating that someone was simply eager for her return. While some fans hoped her appearance was permanent, Jax revealed feeling emotional and nervous throughout the experience.

“I’m glad it was a surprise for everybody (2023 Royal Rumble appearance). I was actually really happy that people remembered me. I was nervous right before I walked out like, what if nobody remembers me? And I walked out in the Rumble and it’s dead air.

No comment (she said when asked why her music played before the timer hit zero). I can’t say. I know, but I can’t say. But let’s just say somebody was super excited for me to be back and prematurely hit my music. But they were really happy I was back. Let’s say that. But that’s all I’m gonna say (she smiled). They (some fans) were hoping it was more of a permanent thing… I almost cried myself. I was nervous, a nervous wreck.”

It was previously reported that Nia Jax’s return was one-off appearance and even now, Jax has yet to sign any sort of contract with WWE. Regardless, we’ll have to see if Jax will return to WWE again one day.

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