WWE’s Performance Center has gone through a few face lifts over the years. One huge change came with Bill DeMott was released from his position as Head Coach, a move that was welcomed by many. That being said, some wanted to keep DeMott in power.

Bob Holly earned his Hardcore name for many reasons. Not only was it his gimmick for a bit in WWE, but he also didn’t mess around in, or outside, of the ring. He was also known for being incredibly stiff, and he had a lot of power behind his punches.

During the Cafe de Rene podcast, Kevin Matthews remembered a time when he was threatened to keep his mouth shut about Bill DeMott’s abusive teaching style. KM claimed that DeMott’s grueling coaching methods caused him to suffer a torn bicep. Then he says that Bob Holly approached him one day to lay down a serious physical threat if he ratted on Bill DeMott.

“Bob comes and sits next to me,” Matthews said. “He knew what Bill did. He knew he forced me in the ring. He knew that was on Bill’s a**. He sat next to me, calmly asking me am I on painkillers right now and stuff like that. I said, ‘Yeah, they prescribed me some stuff.’ Then, the calmest, coolest voice ever, he leans into me, and he’s like, ‘If you throw Bill under the bus, I will personally f*ck you up.'”

Bill DeMott was eventually fired from his position and replaced by Matt Bloom. This was a big deal for the Performance Center, because DeMott’s hardcore coaching antics were causing injuries and affecting morale in a huge way.

It seems that the WWE Performance Center is a totally different place now, because Albert and Shawn Michaels are in charge of things. That doesn’t take away from what allegedly happened in the past, so they can make sure to never let things get that bad again.

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Felix Upton

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