Cody Rhodes is one of the most well-known WWE performers right now. With his comeback at WrestleMania 38, Rhodes’ popularity only increased, and the way viewers react to him each week on WWE television demonstrates that he is now a major figure in the organization. While Rhodes is going in alone against his Roman Reigns and his Bloodline for weeks, it seems we might see his wife, Brandi Rhodes by his side in the future.

Over the past few weeks, Cody Rhodes had verbal exchanges with Reigns’ Wise Man, Paul Heyman. Furthermore, those back and forth saw Heyman reference The American Nightmare’s wife, Brandi.

Cody Rhodes recently discussed the idea of Brandi becoming involved in his conflict with The Bloodline in an interview with Out of Character. He noted that from a professional sense, he and his wife like to handle things independently.

“We always from a professional standpoint. I don’t know if a lot of people know this. We always wanted to do everything separately… She very much can defend herself and can fight her own battles. Very separate in that.”

Despite that, Cody Rhodes did mention that he had not ruled out the possibility of Brandi being a part of the plot.

“No doubt because I always love your show being Out of Character, the name of the show Out of Character whereas for me, there’s no difference between in-character me and out-of-character me. It’s just me. And part of that is the people who surround me, you know, the people close to me in my real life are also close to me on-screen.

So I wouldn’t rule it out, but she absolutely loves watching what I’m doing. She’s got some stuff that she’s working on secretly unrelated and I ain’t gonna spoil it… But definitely never say never.” 

After a lengthy absence due to injury, Cody Rhodes made a comeback to the ring in January and went on to win the 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble match. He will now compete against Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania 39 for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title.

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