Cody Rhodes is, without doubt, one of the most prominent WWE talents at the moment After his return at WrestleMania 38, his popularity only grew and that has been evident in the way fans respond to Rhodes each week on WWE television shows that he is now a huge star in the company. However, many of his in-ring segments have seen mentions of his father, Dusty Rhodes, something that he is personally not a fan of.

Cody Rhodes has been involved in important storylines with top superstars like Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns ever since his return to the WWE at WrestleMania 38. In each of them, his father Dusty Rhodes was mentioned several times throughout the promos.

In addition to being a legendary figure in the business, Dusty Rhodes was instrumental in developing Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns while they were in NXT. Even in smaller feuds or one-off contests, Dusty’s name has been mentioned in promos to poke fun at his son, Cody Rhodes.

However, it seems like Cody Rhodes is not interested in the thought of his father’s name being brought up during his WWE storylines. Although he did mention that it was unavoidable, during his recent interview with Kevin Kellam of WrestleBinge.


“Can’t avoid it. Those nights when I make it clear that I’m not going to talk about Dusty at all is the night that the other guy talks about Dusty. Just recently, with Roman, I wasn’t really interested in the idea of ‘we’re going to converse on my father,’ but he has a very unique relationship, and had a very unique relationship with my father, so he’s the one that took it up there. I’m always hip and keen to the amount of emotion that happens with me on television.

Everything everyone has been watching since I came back at the Royal Rumble is real. In an industry where there is a suspension of disbelief and areas of gray, this is the most real anything has ever been, trying to win a title that my family never got. The last opportunity we got for it was in the late 70s.

It’s as real as it gets. Coming back from a very real injury, trying to make it to the Royal Rumble, surviving Gunther until I was able to eliminate him, very real. I like that. I prefer that. I have the responsibility, but also to a degree, the burden of the character that I play is myself. That’s what makes ‘finish the story’ sound even better. It’s a real story.” 

Roman Reigns recently impersonated Dusty Rhodes and talked about his friendship with the late “American Dream. He even mentioned certain conversations in which Cody wasn’t brought up, during their promo on last Friday’s SmackDown.

The American Nightmare is set to headline WrestleMania 39 against the Tribal Chief for the Undisputed WWE Universal championship. We will have to wait and see if Cody Rhodes does manage to finish the story and walk out of Hollywood as the new champion.

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