Austin Theory swiftly established himself as a rising star in the WWE, with consistent appearances on weekly television broadcasts. He has established himself as a fierce opponent and continues to hone his skills in each and every match he enters as the United States Champion. However, recently, the blue-chip prospect was accused of using a trademark name owned by an indie tag team in WWE.

Austin Theory is now known for calling himself ‘The Now.’ However, during the latest episode of the Brotherly Love Wrestling podcast, the hosts claimed that Theory ripped it off from an indie tag team of Vik Dalishus and Hale Collins who were the guests on the show, and had trademarked it in 2007.

“Austin Theory all of a sudden started calling himself, The Now … along with Corey Graves saying it multiple times on commentary … I think the first time we heard it, it was a pay-per-view and we immideatiely text you … we were like what is happening?

“Clearly we had a trademark since 2007, it’s an idea … we have told the story many times how we came up with it originally … how we got together as a team … the whole story how we have been The Now … and we have been a team as The Now for fifteen years … still actively doing it NWA television as we speak right now … no more disrespectful in any way than to take some else’s intellectual property and pass it off as your own …there is nothing lower in this profession than doing that … It is a complete lack of creativity, originality, effort “

The hosts in the podcast even took a shot of Austin Theory during the episode. While they discussed the matter, a circular graphic of Theory with a red censor sign appeared with the text being ‘Not Now, while continuing to beat him for using their original idea as his own.

Vik Dalishus and Hale Collins are known to be prominent teams on the independent circuit with their excellent display of tag team wrestling. Moreover, as stated, they have used the ‘The Now’ trademark for a long time. We’ll have to see if Austin Theory answers them, or if he stops using that nickname.

While many wrestling fans did not recognize the nickname earlier on, there is an argument that it was the current WWE United States champion who made the nickname popular. We will have to wait and see if Austin Theory decides to react to the accusation.

In the world of professional wrestling, it’s not uncommon for names and phrases to be borrowed or reinvented. However, the recent accusation made against Austin Theory of using a trademarked name owned by an indie tag team has stirred up controversy. Vik Dalishus and Hale Collins, who trademarked the name ‘The Now’ in 2007, claim that Austin Theory has been using it as his own.

While fans may have previously not recognized the nickname, it was Theory’s success as the WWE United States Champion that made it popular. It remains to be seen how Theory will respond to the accusations, but the situation highlights the importance of respecting intellectual property in the world of professional wrestling. In the meantime, keep checking back with Ringside News.

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