Mustafa Ali displayed a lot of potential after making his main roster debut in 2019. Sadly, because he was confined to dull narratives, he was mostly wasted on the main roster. He has many critics as a result of his current WWE booking, with some of the members of the WWE Universe even calling him worthless. Nevertheless, Ali recently decided to gatecrash a WWE Meet & Greet with a supposed new persona.

Since making his debut, Ali has won over both fans and WWE management, to the point where he was anticipated for a major push a few years ago but was sidelined by an injury. Ali was elevated to the position of leader of a dominant faction when he came back, which all but wrecked his reputation.

Mustafa Ali has played various gimmicks in WWE until now, from being a charismatic high-flyer to the ruthless leader of the Retribution. But that did not lead to much success for him as a singles star.

In fact, a number of fans have turned on Mustafa Ali in a significant way as a result of his current WWE situation. The main reason for this is that Ali has been aimless for a very 
long time.

However, things are looking to change with some recent events. WWE posted a clip on Twitter showing Mustafa Ali debuting a new gimmick, who likes to enlighten the audience with his ‘Mustafa Motivation’ while crashing a VIP WWE Meet & Greet session conducted by Dolph Ziggler.

“BREAKING NEWS🚨🚨🚨 from #WWETrenton: @AliWWE crashes @HEELZiggler ’s VIP signing and gets escorted out by security! #WWERaw.”

Mustafa Ali’s few minutes of fame were cut short when he was escorted out from the premises by security. We will have to wait and see if Ali gives more insight into his supposed new gimmick on the upcoming edition of RAW.

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