The WWE universe is abuzz with excitement as John Cena is set to make an appearance on the upcoming Monday’s WWE Raw in Boston. But the one wrestler who is especially looking forward to the event is none other than the reigning WWE United States Champion Austin Theory.

While speaking to Alex McCarthy of Inside The Ropes, Theory revealed that he has a special surprise planned for Cena and wants to show him all the respect he deserves.

“I’m on Raw every single Monday and we all know the history of John Cena and the work he’s put in and how many Mondays he’s been there. I want to show him all the respect that I can when I see him on Monday. I’ll be the one to bring that to him. It’s going to be a very warm welcome.”

Theory also talked about his plans for WrestleMania 39. With past foes Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins busy with other opponents, Theory sees this as his opportunity to showcase the United States Championship in a big match. While he doesn’t believe Cena will face him at WrestleMania, he still hopes to eventually step into the ring with the legendary wrestler.


This is going to be a chance to take the United States Championship and showcase it in the match I’m in. Everybody has their thoughts, ‘is it going to be John Cena?’ Me, personally, I don’t think he would face me at WrestleMania. I don’t think he’s going to show up. With his schedule, he’s the past now. It is what it is. I don’t see that happening. If it does, oh, if it does. Anybody else out there, maybe we have somebody we’ve never seen before in the WWE show up. Maybe they want some of Austin Theory and that Hollywood WrestleMania and try to take home the United States Championship.”

However, it is still unknown if Cena will compete at WrestleMania 39. Nonetheless, Theory is keeping an open mind and is ready to face any opponent who wants to take on the United States Championship.

As the WWE universe eagerly anticipates Cena’s appearance on Raw and the events leading up to WrestleMania 39, fans are left to wonder if Theory will get his wish of facing Cena or if a new challenger will emerge to take on the United States Champion.

Do you think John Cena will face Austin Theory at WrestleMania 39, or do you think Theory’s hopes are unlikely to come to fruition? Who do you think would make a great opponent for Theory at WrestleMania? Share your thoughts and predictions in the comments below.

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