Dominik Mysterio continues to disappoint Rey Mysterio and all the fans and wrestlers that grew up idolizing the iconic luchadore. Tonight, ex-con Dom once again humiliated his legendary father.

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Dominik Mysterio took on Santos Escobar in singles action on WWE SmackDown tonight. Adam Pearce booked because he agreed with Escobar that Dominik needs to be taught a lesson.

The Emperor of Lucha Libre, despite showing a lot of momentum, failed to get the win over Dom. Escobar lost the match due to a distraction from Rhea Ripley, who hit a riptide on the Legado Del Fantasma leader on the outside.

Dominik used the distraction to his advantage and pinned Escobar for the win. He then picked up the Rey Mysterio mask placed on the turnbuckle and ripped it. For those wondering, the mask was given to Escobar by Rey Mysterio himself.

#PrinsonDom just ripped #ReyMysterio‘s mask up!!!

Rey Mysterio showed up after the match and asked Dom to give back the mask. Dom obliged only to deliver a cheap shot on his father. The segment ended with a distraught Rey sitting on the stage.

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